Music Therapy

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” -Plato

A resident listens to music on headphones as part of a music therapy session for those with Alzheimer’s and dementiaAt Integrace Copper Ridge, we believe our residents and their families should continue to enjoy their musical passions and interests throughout their journey. Music and rhythm are processed through the right side of our brains and often these systems are not effected in the same way that language is during a persons progression with memory impairment.


Music at Copper Ridge is provided through our dynamic Music Therapy program, through entertainers who visit the community and through our dedicated iPod systems throughout the community. Our Music Therapist updates our iPods throughout the building on a quarterly basis to include music that meets the interests and preferences of our residents. Through our initial information gathering with families and loved ones, we are able to determine what the musical preferences (if any) are of each of our residents. You may find anything from Bach to Jimi Hendrix dependent upon the interests of those currently living in our community.

Connecting From Afar

A husband and wife Facetime with family on a tablet featuring apps specially designed to engage those living with dementia

We recognize the challenges for family members who live away from their loved one at Copper Ridge and cannot communicate or see them face to face on a regular basis. For this reason, we offer the option of utilizing Skype, VSee Chat and Facetime to connect you and your loved one for face to face communication and to maintain relationships and connections from afar. In the case where medical information is going to be shared, we utilize Vsee Chat specifically as this is an approved, HIPAA secured technology. For more information, call the Recreation and Engagement department at 443-244-3411 extension 1142 or 1156 to setup a connection.

Teledistance Learning

Three residents sit in front of a computer as they partake in a teledistance class designed for those with dementiaSeveral years ago, made possible by the generous donation of a former Copper Ridge family member, we began collaborating with the Cleveland Museum of Art to provide teledistance learning from their museum with the use of an innovative technology system and displayed on our large 65” It’s Never 2 Late screen. Once a month, residents, family members and colleagues are transported to a different type of art collection or experience through the many specially designed programs they provide. Their docent, trained in working with our community, discusses the art collection from their studio at the museum in front of a green screen display as their colleague pulls up the many visual displays of art on the screen. Our residents and family members can ask questions and the docent also asks questions of us to make this a truly interactive experience. We have also connected with this technology with the Saint Louis Zoo and are looking for more collaborative partners to connect with in the future.

iN2L: It’s Never 2 Late

A Copper Ridge resident uses touchscreen technology designed for people living with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia At Copper Ridge, we have invested in creative ways of enabling connections through technology. Those connections might involve reawakening a past memory, keeping in touch with loved ones, engaging in meaningful activities that enrich the mind, body and spirit. All of these experiences can be realized on our latest technology investment in iN2L “It’s Never 2 Late”.


It’s Never 2 Late is an adaptive computer system that empowers individuals to connect, engage and enjoy life through the benefits of today’s technology.


The intuitive design allows seniors, regardless of experience, physical or intellectual abilities, to use the computer pleasurably, engagingly, and with minimal frustration.

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