Sykesville yoga class caters to those dealing with Alzheimer’s/dementia

Sykesville yoga class caters to those dealing with Alzheimer's/dementia | Integrace Copper Ridge

Sykesville yoga class caters to those dealing with Alzheimer’s/dementia

“SYKESVILLE (WBFF) – With no mirrors and chairs in place of mats, it’s not your typical place for a yoga class, but then again, it’s not your typical yoga class.

“Tom Hayes is 78 years old. ‘I never thought in my whole life that I’d do yoga,’ he says with a laugh.

“He joins a room filled with senior citizens. Kim Kerr has been instructing the class inside Copper Ridge Senior Care Center for four years.

“’I love it,’ she says. ‘It’s a special group of people to work with.’

“In the autumn of their lives, Eileen and John Vogelpohl are looking for an extra spring in their step.

“Eileen says it’s more work than she thought it would be.

“’Sometimes I look at the clock to see if she’s ready to the ending,’ she laughs with her husband. ‘I know that’s my time to relax. Maybe just 10 more minutes, then I get to close my eyes!’”

Click here to read the article on Fox 45 News.

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