EFA 20th Anniversary: Setting The Stage

EFA 20th Anniversary: Setting The Stage | Integrace Copper Ridge

EFA 20th Anniversary: Setting The Stage

“Integrace Copper Ridge opened its doors in Sykesville, Md., in July 1994, and the community quickly garnered recognition as the first new facility in the country designed specifically to address the continuum of care needs of people with Alzheimer’s and related dementias. Copper Ridge challenged the existing status quo at the time, with the goal of supporting memory care in a less institutional, less restrictive environment than more traditional settings.

“In 1997, the effort earned our project team at Perkins Eastman a Best in Show award in the design competition that was the basis for the very first issue of Design magazine—what would evolve into today’s annual Design Showcase in Environments for Aging, now celebrating its 20th anniversary.

“Looking back on our team’s original design, from the site schematics and building floor plan to the interior furnishings, Copper Ridge represented a milestone within the architecture and design arena. Designing for the continuum of care—whereby residents can remain in a supportive and familiar setting as their symptoms become more pronounced—requires an understanding of wellness. And as architects, we define wellness in terms of how the physical environment can be crafted in ways that directly support a person’s well-being—physical, socio-emotional, and intellectual elements, otherwise known as whole-person wellness.”

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