At Copper Ridge, we offer an enjoyable dining experience that caters to the specialized needs and tastes of our residents. We create scratch-made dishes using only the freshest seasonal and local ingredients. Through our variety of unique culinary programs: Fresh BenefitsSM, Fresh BitesSM, Hydrate for HealthSM and Puree with PurposeSM, we lead with innovation and excellence every day.

Hydrate for HealthSM

Pineapple basil water, part of the Hydrate for Health program to give those with dementia healthier beverage choicesHydrate for HealthSM is an innovative program that encourages hydration through visually stimulating displays featuring water infused with fresh fruit, vegetables, or herbs. While there is nothing new about having water readily available for thirsty residents, this fresh alternative to sugary sodas and juices provides a refreshing way to battle dehydration, obesity, and diabetes.

Fresh BenefitsSM

A muffin and fruit plate, part of Copper Ridge’s Fresh Benefits healthy dining program for those living with dementiaOur culinary and clinical nutrition teams have developed an array of recipes consisting of super smoothies, enriched snacks and fortified foods that are prepared with fresh ingredients to replace commercial supplements used in many communities.

Fresh BitesSM

A stuffed mushroom, part of Copper Ridge’s finger food program that enables those with dementia to dine without assistanceWith an extensive menu of finger food recipes, residents throughout the full continuum of care, particularly those with dementia, diminished motor control, or roaming dining needs, will no longer require the use of cutlery or nursing assistance as they enjoy each meal with a renewed sense of independence and dining satisfaction.

Puree With PurposeSM

Beef stroganoff and asparagus, part of the Puree With Purpose dining program for those living with dementiaPurée With PurposeSM is the most advanced puree program in the industry, empowering residents to “dine with dignity” by enjoying meals with the same great flavors, aromas, and appearance as their peers. Purée With PurposeSM was honored at the 2013 LTC & Senior Living LINK Conference as a Spirit of Innovation Award winner.

*All dining program names and details are a Service Mark of Unidine Food and Dining management.

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