Colleague Training and Development

A team of memory care professionals join hands during a dementia care training exercise

At Integrace Copper Ridge, we support our colleagues through state-of-the-art education, innovative training, and opportunities for growth and development. We create an environment that inspires and sustains our dedicated caregivers. As an organization, we believe that we exist to create community and to awaken the desire and possibilities for meaningful living for older adults.


A unique onboarding and orientation process that introduces new colleagues to the mission, vision and culture of Integrace, while getting to know each unique person and the grace they bring to our community.

Teepa Snow

As one of America’s leading dementia educators, Copper Ridge partners with Teepa Snow in implementing her Positive Approach to Care. Teepa’s care strategies & techniques integrate what is known about brain function and changes that happen with dementing conditions with therapeutic approaches to foster positive outcomes in the lives of the residents we serve. For more information about Teepa Snow, visit:

Dr. Judah Ronch

Through our relationship with Dr. Judah Ronch, Dean of the Erikson School at the University of Maryland Baltimore County, colleagues have learned skills to help them analyze and solve problems, in order to build a community of colleagues, at all levels, who are problem-solvers.

Staff Developer

We provide on-going training and development for colleagues offered by our on-site staff developer.  Classroom instruction, hands-on work and one-on-one training is provided as needed in topics related to caregiving and dementia.

Dementia Scholar Lecture Series

Offered through the Integrace Institute, this educational series provides continuing education to support the care and treatment of individuals living with dementia.  All colleagues are invited to attend these monthly sessions. For more information on our Dementia Scholar Lecture Series, please visit

Continuing Education

Copper Ridge is committed to supporting colleagues to further their education. Colleagues attend statewide and national conferences, learning the most current best practices of care, advances in technology, and innovations in dementia living. While our colleagues are often speakers at local and national conferences, networking with other professionals in the field greatly expands their knowledge. Tuition reimbursement and scholarships are also offered to support colleagues in advancing their formal education and knowledge base.

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